Sand Products

Dairy Sand Bedding Sand for livestock

Concrete Sand Block and Concrete Mixes
Medium Coarse, Max 1/4" Sand

Mason Sand Masonry Work also used as Pool Liner Sand or playground sand (Very Fine)

Leach Sand (Septic) A drainage and filter sand approved for Monroe, Ontario, and Livingston County Septic Systems and leach fields

Utility (RGE) Fine sand meets RGE specs for bedding Gas and Electric Lines

Grout Sand Blend (C144) A course sand used for Grout and Tile work (i.e. floors)

Ice Control Sand Very gritty sand for good traction control. Also substitute for salt.

Sports Field/Golf Course Sand Specialty blends for any specifications. Top Dressing California Green, Root Zone, USGA Recommended Products.

Play Sand Clean, fine sand for Playgrounds, Sandboxes, Volleyball Courts, etc.

Pool Sand Very Fine Sand for under pool liners (Mason Sand consistency)

Patio Sand Gritty sand for underlayment of Patio and Paver Blocks

Baseball Infield Mix A blend of Clay and Sand Mix. Great for baselines on ball fields.

Clay Sand Mix A fine, soft sand used for Horse Arenas/Baseball Diamonds/ Leach System Berms

Cushion/Bedding Sand Bedding for Electric, Water, Gas Lines and Tank Liner

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